You can configure which incoming emails appear on your BlackBerry.

Among the helpful communication tools on your BlackBerry smartphone is a firewall feature that allows you to block some or all of your incoming emails when they arrive on the device. The tool is effective for blocking emails entirely -- and you can set it up to also block text messages -- but it can also be configured to block only those messages from senders that are not saved in your Contacts list.

Configuring Blocking

To set up blocking, navigate to your Home screen and select "Options." Choose "Security" and then "Firewall." Place a check in the box next to "Personal Email." To also allow messages from individuals listed in your Contacts, be sure to also select "Contacts" in the Exceptions section. Press the "Menu" key and select "Save."

Setting Up Filters

Some BlackBerry smartphone models -- for example, the BlackBerry Torch -- also feature email filters that allow you to specify which email messages you would like forwarded to your smartphone and which to simply keep in the email app on your computer. If your device supports it, you can enable the feature from the message list by pressing the "Menu" key, choosing "Options" and then selecting "Email Filters."