The term "CC", also known as carbon copy or "courtesy copy", is a notation at the end of letters and emails indicating that the message is directed at multiple individuals. The notation is generally added below the signature and enclosures section. According to "The Encyclopedia of Business Letters, Faxes and E-Mail", the carbon copy method of addressing multiple people is the preferred style for business communication. Adding "CC" at the end of a letter is easily done.

Press the "Enter" key twice to create two spaces between the signature line of the letter and the "CC" line.

Type the letters "CC", "cc" or "c.c." followed by a colon.


Press the space bar once and type the person's name. You can add an appropriate title such as "Ms." or "Mr." before the name if you choose.


Separate each name with a comma if the "CC" is addressed to more than one person. you can also align the other names underneath the first name on the "CC" line to create a list of names.