Costume Ideas for Tacky Day

by Lanae Carr

Unusual Accessories

If you aren't the type to maintain a cache of accessories, search around your home for accessory options. Instead of a hat, wear a shower cap on your head for tacky day. This option works especially well if the shower cap is colored. Adorn your neck with a pair of silk pantyhose tied like a winter scarf, and cut a pair of socks into a pair of long, fingerless gloves. The simple addition of unusual accessories makes your outfit stand out in a tacky way.

Reverse Layers

You can reverse the layers of your normal clothes to create a tacky look. Start with a dress shirt, sleeveless T-shirt, shorts/swimming trunks and a pair of pants. Add a long-sleeved dress shirt under a sleeveless T-shirt. Wear swimming trunks or summer shorts over a pair of slacks. Sports uniforms also help to add a tacky mix. The key is to visibly pair together two opposite looks. For example, a ballroom gown skirt with a cheerleader uniform top.

Mixing Shoes

A common style for Tacky Day is wearing mismatched shoes. This is an easy option unless all of your casual shoes look the same. In this case, pair one dress shoe with a sneaker or a boot with a flip-flop. Students may also choose not to wear shoes at all, but wear swim flippers or big fluffy house slippers.


Hair is always a funny sight on Tacky Day. You may choose to leave your hair as is, or add some funky accessories such as neon-colored plastic spoons or a brightly patterned headband, but that depends on your hair texture, length and style. If you want to make your hair stand out from your outfit, try a style that fits the length of your hair but is the opposite of your personality. For example, a science teacher with a short haircut might try spikes in his hair for Tacky Day.

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