What Kind of Shoes Look Best With a Miniskirt?

Chunky shoes and a jacket offset super short, pleated miniskirts if you don't wish to flaunt too much skin.
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Miniskirts -- which began trending in the mid-1960s as a rebellious style statement for young women looking to shed the restrictive rules in women's fashion -- have become a style staple worn by a wider age range than ever before. There are a multitude of ways you can style them, primarily by pairing them with different types of shoes. Shoes are a fantastic way to downplay or enhance the sex appeal of a miniskirt.

1 Flats for function

The most effective way to make sure your miniskirt is properly styled for most occasions, locations and age-appropriateness is to wear it with flat shoes. Style a flared high-waist miniskirt with a pair of lace-up brogues. Add layers to your outfit, such as a light, boyfriend cardigan over a tank top, for a fashionable mix of masculine and feminine styles. In colder months, add a pair of thick tights or thigh-high wool blend socks and a chunky, knit sweater. Slip-on loafers and ballet flats are other flat shoe styles that complement a short-skirt, and are functional without compromising your style.

2 Boots for style

Boots are the high fashion shoes when it comes to miniskirt outfits. Create a rebellious, edgy look by wearing a pair of mid-calf black biker boots and a vintage tee with a wool blend miniskirt in order to balance the weight of the chunky boot. A pair of knee-high riding boots with a tweed miniskirt and a chambray button down is a look that is both sophisticated and sporty. A miniskirt worn with boots with a high, thinner heel is the most chic, showstopper pairing of the miniskirt and boot. You can always add a pair of tights to make any miniskirt outfit more conservative. Match the color of the tights, skirt and boots to make any figure appear longer and leaner.

3 Heels for sex appeal

Sometimes, subdued and conservative pieces are not going to achieve the desired effect of your outfit. These are the occasions to play with miniskirts and heels. Be careful, though -- this is a look that can go wrong very easily. A revealing top and sky-high shoes are not the best choices to pair with a miniskirt, regardless of age, unless you are headed to a dark club. Otherwise, choose either a sexy top or sexy shoe, not both. A buttoned-up collared blouse with an embroidered, wrap miniskirt and a pair of suede pointy-toe stilettos is a sexy outfit styled to perfection. The asymmetrical line of the wrap skirt creates a line that draws the eyes down your legs. Paired with high heels, your legs will appear as long as can be. A pair of colorful, open-toe high-heel booties with a pleated miniskirt and blouse, worn under a cropped leather jacket, is a hip style that will give you a little extra pep in your step. If you like added height but not balancing on a pin-heel, try a chunky heeled shoe -- such as a wedge or platform -- with a matching chunky sweater to complement a sassy miniskirt that has an an animal print or bold pattern.

4 Sneakers for sass

If your miniskirt is more casual, you can get away with a pair of canvas sneakers during the daytime. A cotton floral print tulip miniskirt with a pair of lace-up tennis shoes and a casual V-neck, layered with a full scarf and denim jacket, is a fantastic look for a shopping day or a coffee date. As an added bonus, the layers will help you adjust to varying temperatures, while the playful skirt will make you feel less frumpy than sweatpants but just as comfy. If your legs are not your favorite body part, look for miniskirts that run longer in length. A just-above-the-knee cut offers all the style benefits without the risk of showing too much leg, especially when seated.

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