Style Ideas for a Sock Hop

Poodle skirts, white button-up blouses and scarves, worn together or separate, are all items appropriate for a sock-hop event.
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Sock hops of the 1950s have been imitated in recent decades with teenagers having a blast paying homage to this special time in history when rock and roll was sweeping the United States. Dressing for this type of event is half the fun, so look no further than classic films like "Grease" for a little fashion inspiration. Whether your go-to style is sweet and feminine or tough and edgy, channel your inner Fonzie by rocking a sock-hop outfit that's totally cool.

1 Skirts and Dresses

Whimsical poodle skirts adorned with embellishments, vintage A-line dresses and classic sheaths are stylish options for a lady-like sock-hop ensemble. Skirt length is important to pulling off a retro look, so wear yours at the knee or just below it for a 1950s effect. If ample skirts aren't quite your style, opt instead for a sleek and form-fitting pencil skirt that highlights your curves. Or, to showcase a sexy, bad-girl attitude, drop the skirt and slip into some sultry, skin-tight pants and a leather jacket for a look that's very "Sandy at the carnival."

2 Motorcycle Jackets

Boys attending a sock hop can rock the Danny-Zuko look by sporting the ever cool and classic T-Bird uniform. Pairing a simple white T-shirt, denim jeans and a black, leather motorcycle jacket is simple and ideal for those wanting to replicate the tough, bad-boy persona that was so popular during this time. A greased-up, slicked-back coif and a pair of dark sunglasses will seal the deal on this sleek ensemble.

3 Denim

While denim jeans are an easy, laid-back choice for guys, women can rock them just as well. An ensemble of tapered jeans or capris and a white button-down shirt with its sleeves rolled up is a great alternative if dresses just aren't your thing. Tie the shirt at the front to expose a flirty hint of skin. While this outfit might seem slightly boring, the addition of cute accessories will up the ante on this retro-inspired look.

4 Accessories

Accessories can make or break your outfit, so choose pieces that will enhance the spirit of your cool, vintage look. Kitten heels and Mary Janes will mesh fabulously with your retro attire while a beauty look consisting of a cat eye and bright red lip will keep you far from "Beauty School Dropout" territory. Style your hair in smooth curls or a high ponytail and top off with a patterned scarf to complete the perfect sock-hop look.

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