Women's Fellowship Theme Ideas

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Running out of ideas for your women's fellowship? Theme fellowships can be a new way to explore past fellowship ideas. Consider these ideas to spark creativity and bring the excitement and friendship back into your fellowship meetings.

1 Coffee Hours

Try a biscotti recipe.

Have each of the women participating bring an ingredient to a coffee cake and then make it together while exploring themes related to food in your spiritual book. This not only sparks excitement in the spirit but gives each participant a new recipe.

2 Movie Night

Try a religious themed movie.

Pop some popcorn, make some fun drinks and watch a movie with a religious theme. You could provide a pot luck lunch or dinner for a fun women's night out. Have the host provide drinks and have each participant bring something to contribute. Even better, provide a babysitter and the kids and moms will have a fun night out! Or, have everyone watch the movie and discuss it afterward.

3 Diversify Your Knowledge

Learn about Diwali.

Part of learning about your own religion is knowing how it relates to others. Explore holidays from a different culture or religion. Choose such events as Diwali, El A Fitr, Kwanzaa or Hanukkah. Send out a letter or an email with a website to have the participants learn a bit more about the holiday before the fellowship time. Serve food from the country or specific to each holiday.

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