Job Descriptions for Church Ministries

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Churches offer a number of ministries geared both towards serving members of the congregation and members of the community. Although specific job descriptions and ministries may vary from one church to another, the following is an overview of the most common ones.

1 Small Groups

Small groups provide a way for members of the church's congregation and community to meet on a more intimate level and study the Bible together. Small group leaders facilitate study and discussion for the group.

2 Men's Group

Men's ministries focus on bringing men together and providing opportunities for them to serve, play and talk together. Leaders may facilitate weekend retreats, organize service projects, and plan recreational activities such as football games and father-son activities.

3 Women's Group

A church's women's group may provide a mom's Bible study one morning a week, special tea or coffee events, and weekend retreats geared towards rest and spiritual rejuvenation. Leaders focus on facilitating opportunities for women to build relationships and develop spiritually.

4 Music

A church's music ministry provides music for church services and special occasions such as weddings, funerals and evening events. A musical director organizes practices and musical arrangements for these performances.

5 Outreach

A church's outreach ministry connects with people in the community and encourages them to attend church and pursue spirituality. An outreach coordinator plans special events, goes door-to-door and organizes community service projects.

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