Hot Topics for Group Discussions

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The hottest topics for group discussions usually have a central point of interest that can unify everyone in your group. Some topics offer this unity through their diversity, providing multiple angles for different group members to discuss, while other topics are simply controversial. If you must choose the topic of your next group discussion, carefully consider the people in your group and how each member might be able to contribute.

1 Politics

Politics includes a wide range of current social issues, the actions of popular politicians and the next big vote in Congress. You can research the latest political topics and prepare yourself for a group discussion in just a few minutes. Politics changes fast, but most adults have ideas and thoughts on this topic, so updated information is most important. Know that political disagreements can occur and lead to an unhealthy atmosphere if members of the group disagree passionately. Understanding your group members, find a political topic that will keep the conversation light and relaxed.

2 Religion

Similar to politics, religion is a hot topic that most people have thought about, but that can lead to uncomfortable arguments. Consider the religious differences between members of your group and avoid the subject if you feel it might push individuals out of the discussion. For a group with like-minded religious ideals, religious topics can be a strong source of inspiration and unity.

3 Television Shows

Television offers a wealth of hot discussion topics for your group, ranging from the latest reality television event to speculation about what is going to happen on a popular sitcom at the end of the current season. Television shows also address numerous cultural topics often provide a means for deeper discussions about socially significant topics. Your group can begin a talk about a show like Glee, then move into a much deeper discussion about bullying and its effects on teen culture.

4 Sports

Sports offer a year-around set of subjects that change with the seasons and heat up before big games. Sports discussions are often speculative. The wealth of discussion opportunities surrounding sports is limited only by the group's sports knowledge, but you can quickly access the latest information about local teams in your newspaper or on the Internet.

Kristyn Hammond has been teaching freshman college composition at the university level since 2010. She has experience teaching developmental writing, freshman composition, and freshman composition and research. She currently resides in Central Texas where she works for a small university in the Texas A&M system of schools.