Fun Church Games

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When church groups gather together for times of fellowship, they often play games. Fun church games help build camaraderie and team spirit. Besides worshipping and serving together, congregations that play games get a chance to let their hair down and build friendships, thereby strengthening the church as a whole. Hosting a weekly, monthly or quarterly game night gives the local church a chance to invite new people into a non-threatening church environment.

1 Ice Breakers

Ice breakers are mini-games designed to "break the ice" or help people get to know one another. Ice breaker games involve learning people’s names and facts about them. A popular ice breaker to play is called 60 Seconds. In this game, two people are paired together to learn at least five interesting facts about the other person. This could be their name, spouse’s name and any hobbies they may have. After the 60 seconds is up, each team shares the information they’ve learned with the rest of the group. Another ice breaker game involves collecting anonymous trivia information about members and guests. Have everyone write an interesting fact about themselves on a three-by-five card. Then read the cards and let everyone guess who wrote the card.

2 Outdoor Games

Church groups can gather outdoors to enjoy nice weather and play games. Some popular games are team sports like volleyball, baseball and soccer. A coach divides the church into two groups. The two opposing teams compete to win a game. Often these games are played without keeping score. Some other outdoor games are tug of war and relay racing. Tug of war is played by pulling a rope across a finish line while pulling against the opposite team. Relay races can involve wacky antics like sack racing and tying team members' legs together to pass a finish line. Relay races might involve passing a baton or some other token to the next team member.

3 Indoor Games

Indoor games are a great way to enjoy time together no matter what the weather calls for. Card games like Spades, Hearts and Rook are good choices for church groups. Board games like Monopoly, Sorry and Stratego are enjoyed by children and teenagers. Small and large church groups could play Bingo, Outburst and Charades for hours of wholesome fun. If a church has a gym they can play indoor games like Volleyball, Bible Baseball and Balloon Relays. Games like Pop the Balloon are fast-paced fun for people of all ages. Pop the Balloon is simple to play. Give everyone a balloon and sound the whistle. Contestants have to pop the balloon without using their hands. Whoever pops their balloon first is the winner.

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