Activities and Games for a Singles Ministry

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Single adults are a significant part of any Christian church community. Singles also have special interests and needs. A single adult ministry can play a positive role in providing support to singles. It will offer a mix of Bible study, activities and mission opportunities for members to grow in their faith.

1 Getaways

Offer a few opportunities to take a day trip or weekend getaway to a fun location. These events can offer something for every taste – a museum visit, picnic, backpacking or hiking, fishing, boating or kayaking. These trips can be seized upon to develop stronger ties and strengthen friendships among members.

2 Missions

Singles that are eager to demonstrate or share their faith will enjoy a mission activity. Missions can be one day or over several weeks. Many church organizations have programs that send individuals to other parts of the world for short-term mission trips to build homes, restore schools or volunteer to build bridges. Local churches can also make arrangements to volunteer one day at a soup kitchen or homeless shelter.

3 Bible Trivia

One fun way to challenge singles ministry members to deeper understand the Bible is to hold occasional Bible trivia games. There are some commercial Bible trivia games, but it is also appropriate to make up a few questions on your own. Trivia games need not be full-fledged competitions, but can be a fun way to begin a Bible study unit or a way to end a unit by quizzing some of the facts and interesting tidbits learned in past lessons.

4 Joint Fellowships

Reaching out to other singles ministries in near-by churches by having a joint activity is one way to discover how other ministries are serving singles in their church communities. Plan a dinner or another type of activity in which several ministries get together. Make time for members of the communities to introduce themselves and socialize together.

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