How to Get a Waiver for Western Governors University

As of 2014, the WGU application fee is $65.
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Western Governors University offers students an online education that differs from other schools in various ways, including degrees based on knowledge rather than time in class, and typically lower costs, charging a flat rate for each six-month period rather than on a per-credit basis. Applicants can save money by obtaining a waiver for the application fee. Obtaining this waiver requires receiving a referral from a current WGU student or alumnus.

1 Referral Waiver

If you have not applied to WGU in the past, you can avoid paying the application fee by asking a current student or one who has graduated from the university to fill out the referral form. The person referring you will need your full name and email address. After the school verifies that you have not previously filled out an application and that the referrer is a current or former student, you will receive an email giving you a code to waive the application fee. You cannot get a refund for a fee already paid by getting the referral. As an incentive for students to refer others, they get a gift certificate when you receive your waiver.

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