How to Convert Semester Hours to CPEs

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Continuing professional education, or CPE, credits are awarded for professional continuing education courses, with one credit typically awarded for each hour of instruction. Professionals in a variety of industries, such as accounting, take continuing education classes to meet requirements for keeping their credentials or licenses current. In some cases, CPE credit requirements can be fulfilled with traditional classes completed at a university. Because those classes are measured by semester hours, it is necessary to convert those credits to CPE hours before applying them to a continuing education requirement.

1 Get all official transcripts

Get all official transcripts of semester hours to be converted. The transcript will confirm the course name and the number of semester hours earned. Check with your university's registrar office for information on the process of obtaining a transcript and any fees that apply.

2 Calculate the total number

Calculate the total number of semester hours to convert to CPE credits.

3 Divide the total number

Divide the total number of semester hours by 15 to get the total CPE credits. For example, if you want to convert 60 semester hours, divide 60 by 15 to get four CPE credits. Each CPE is the equivalent of 15 hours of classroom instruction.

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