How to Submit a Drill Sergeant Packet

New Army recruits receive their combat skills training from drill sergeants.

Drill sergeants typically spend 16-hour days working and living with newly recruited Army soldiers. A drill sergeant is part disciplinarian, part physical trainer, part motivator and part adviser. The men and women who take on this important leadership role must first attend drill sergeant school. Entrance into the school requires the submission and approval of a drill sergeant packet. After graduation drill sergeants are assigned a two-year tour. During this time they either work with new recruits in the area of basic combat training or train soldiers for a specific military occupation.

Obtain approval before applying for drill sergeant school. You need verbal permission from your Chain of Command and the RSP Command (Recruiting and Retention Command) in your local area.

Fill out the submission form. The submission form is completed online on the National Guard website. Make sure you provide all the information about your status, such as personal information, current position, unit information and education level.

Complete the required documents. Download the documents from the National Guard website. Documents include forms such as the personal qualifications record, commander’s checklist, Army physical fitness scorecard and DD369 form. These documents are called the drill sergeant packet.

Get the drill packet signed. Your Chain of Command and RSP Command must sign the documents included in the drill sergeant packet.

Submit the drill sergeant packet. There are two submission options available. You can either fax or email the packet to the National Guard Bureau in Arlington, Virginia. The fax number is 703-607-0357 and the email address is [email protected].

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