How to Reblog Things on Tumblr When No Reblog Button Shows Up

Reblogged posts appear on your own blog with a backlink to their original creator.
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Tumblr blog themes are highly customizable, giving you almost complete control over the look and feel of your blog posts. However, this flexibility can sometimes come at a price, as it is possible for theme designers to obscure or remove important site controls such as the Reblog button. Tumblr allows you to get around this issue by implementing a “reblog” keyboard shortcut, which allows you to reblog a post from the Dashboard without having to click any buttons. The site also features a sharing bookmarklet, which allows you to add a “reblog” button to your browser's favorites list.

1 Keyboard Shortcut

2 Open the Tumblr website and sign in to your account's Dashboard

Open the Tumblr website and sign in to your account's Dashboard.

3 Press the J key to scroll

Press the “J” key to scroll down the list of posts in your timeline until the post that you want to reblog is at the top of the page. If you scroll too far, press the “K” key to scroll back up. The top of the post must be at the very top of the page in order for the reblog shortcut to work.

4 Press

Press “Alt-R” to reblog the post. The post will appear on your timeline immediately.

5 Tumblr Bookmarklet

6 Open the Tumblr website and sign

Open the Tumblr website and sign in to your account's Dashboard.

7 Open the Tumblr Apps ” page

Open the Tumblr “Apps” page (link in Resources) and drag the “Share on Tumblr” button to your browser’s bookmarks toolbar.

8 Open the blog post

Open the blog post that you want to reblog and click your browser's “Share on Tumblr” button to open the “Reblog Post” window.

9 Click

Click on “Create Post” to reblog the post.

  • To change a post before reblogging, edit the Description box on the “Reblog Post” window.

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