How to Bookmark a Site on the iPhone or iPod Touch

IPhone and iTouch devices support website bookmarks through Safari.
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Similar to a full-size browser on a PC or a Mac, the iPhone's and iPad Touch's Safari app enables you to bookmark sites for later viewing. You can access saved bookmarks through the Bookmarks drop-down menu by pressing the book-shaped icon on the upper bar. This drop-down menu also displays your reading list and shared links, so you might need to tap the book-shaped icon again from the drop-down menu, and then select "Favorites" to view your bookmarks.

1 Adding Bookmarks

You add bookmarks on an iPhone or iPod Touch through the Share drop-down menu, not the Bookmarks panel. Open the Share panel by pressing the square icon with the protruding up arrow, and then select the "Bookmark" entry to open the Add Bookmark pop-up. You can specify the bookmark's name in this dialog and tweak the URL, if necessary. Tap "Save" to save the bookmark.

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