How to Transfer Photos From My iPad to Facebook

Connect your Facebook account to your iPad using the Settings app.
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Your iPad offers Facebook integration, which means you can seamlessly transfer photos from your device to your Facebook page. This feature enables you to bypass the need for a special app or use an alternate method for delivering the pictures. Before you can take advantage of this tool, you need to sync your Facebook account to your iPad. After that, you can simply select images from an iPad app, such as Photos or Camera, to post the pictures you want.

1 Connecting Facebook to Your iPad

2 Tap Settings

Tap "Settings" on the home screen, tap "Facebook" and sign in.

3 Sign In button

Tap the "Sign In" button and read the information that launches to understand how Facebook interacts with your iPad. Besides enabling you to transfer pictures, Facebook can work with Contacts and Calendar on your iPad to sync information, as well as connect Facebook apps with your Facebook account. Click the "Sign In" button to continue.

4 Click the

Click the "Later" button to finish connecting Facebook. Optionally, click the "Install" button, which adds the Facebook app to your iPad and provides access to your Facebook account on your device.

5 Transferring Photos to Facebook

6 Tap an app

Tap an app, such as "Photos," that contains the images you want to transfer.

7 Tap

Tap the picture you want to post on Facebook, and then tap the "Share" button, resembling a square with an exiting arrow.

8 Tap Facebook

Tap "Facebook" and enter a description in the provided fields. Tap "Post" to publish it to your Facebook page.

  • Information in this article applies to iOS 6. It may vary slightly or significantly with other versions or products.
  • You can prevent Facebook from syncing with Calendar and Contacts information on the iPad by modifying your settings. Tap "Settings," then "Facebook" and slide the menus next to the "Calendar" and "Contacts" options to the "Off" position.

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