How to Give Shout-Outs on Instagram on an iPhone

Send shout-outs on Instagram to recognize and recommend other users.
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A shout-out on Instagram is a way of recognizing another user by posting a screenshot of her profile or a collage of her photos on the site. To send a shout-out to another user from the Instagram iPhone app, you need to acquire a screenshot of the user’s profile or images, then publish the screenshot in a post. Enable the AssistiveTouch accessibility feature on the iPhone to quickly take screenshots to use for the shout-out. Publish the screenshot just as you would any other image post on Instagram to recognize and recommend the user.

1 Enable AssistiveTouch

2 Tap the Settings icon

Tap the “Settings” icon in the iPhone home screen to open the Settings app, then tap the “General” tab.

3 Tap the Accessibility ” option

Tap the “Accessibility” option.

4 Slide the AssistiveTouch switch to the On position

Slide the “AssistiveTouch” switch to the “On” position.

5 Tap the Always Show Menu

Tap the “Always Show Menu” to display the floating AssistiveTouch icon on the screen. As you navigate screens and move between apps, the AssistiveTouch button remains on the top of the screen content.

6 Take Screenshot

7 Open the Instagram app

Open the Instagram app, then browse to the profile page of the user you want to recognize.

8 Tap the AssistiveTouch ” icon

Tap the “AssistiveTouch” icon, then tap the “Device” option.

9 Tap the More ” option

Tap the “More” option, then tap the “Screenshot” icon. A snapshot of the screen is captured and saved to your Camera Roll.

10 Post Shout-out

11 Tap the Layered Photo icon

Tap the “Layered Photo” icon in the bottom tool to open the Pick a Source screen.

12 Pick a Source screen

Tap the “Camera Roll” option in the Pick a Source screen to open your Camera Roll folder.

13 Browse to and tap the screenshot

Browse to and tap the screenshot, then tap “Next.”

14 Use the editing tools to resize or blur the photo

Use the editing tools to resize or blur the photo. Only primitive editing tools are available in the Instagram iPhone app.

15 Tap a filter icon

Tap a filter icon in the bottom thumbnail strip to apply a filter to the image, if desired.

16 Tap Add a Caption

Tap “Add a Caption,” then type a caption for the screenshot in the What? box. Promote the shout-out recipient’s profile in the caption. You can also add hashtags in the caption field, if desired.

17 Tap the green check mark icon

Tap the green check mark icon to publish the shout-out post.

  • Information provided in this article applies to the iPhone 5 running iOS 7. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other models of the iPhone or versions of iOS.
  • Remember to disable Assistive Touch once you are finished taking screenshots.

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