How to Comment on a Photo on Facebook

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Facebook is a social networking tool that has attracted a massive following, in part because it allows users to conveniently keep in contact with one another. One of the features that helps people interact is the ability to post and comment on photos that have been uploaded to the service.

1 Sign into your Facebook profile

Sign into your Facebook profile.

2 Enter the Applications area

Enter the "Applications" area and click on the "Photos" tab. A new page will load that displays all of your friends' photo albums. Click on one of them to load a new page displaying thumbnails of each image in the album.

3 Click on the thumbnail of the image

Click on the thumbnail of the image you want to comment on. A new page loads displaying the photo at a higher resolution.

4 To find a text box

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find a text box that reads "Add a comment." Type your comment into the box and click the "Add Comment" button.

5 Refresh the page

Refresh the page by clicking on the "Refresh" button of your Internet browser. You should see the comment displayed underneath the photo.