How to Pin Something From Facebook to Pinterest

Pinning Facebook images to your boards takes just a little more effort.
... Visage/Stockbyte/Getty Images

Pinterest provides a bookmarklet that you can use to pin directly from a Web page to one of your boards. You can also upload pins onto Pinterest by entering a Web address. If you try either of these methods on a Facebook page, though, you will see an error message stating, "Sorry, cannot pin directly from Facebook." However, you can pin images from Facebook in Firefox or Google Chrome using a workaround.

Click on the Facebook photo you want to pin to open an enlarged version of the picture.

Right-click the photo and select "View Image" in Firefox or "Open Image in New Tab" in Google Chrome. The picture opens as a Web page.

Click the bookmarklet. Add a description in the text box below the picture and select the board to which you want to pin the image.

Right-click the picture and select "Copy Image Location" or "Copy Image URL" if you don't have the bookmarklet. Log in to Pinterest, click the "+" button and select "Add from a Website." Paste the copied link into the address box and click "Find Images." Click on the picture, add text and pin the image.

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