How to Read Daily Horoscopes

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Reading your daily horoscope can give you insight into what you could expect throughout your entire day. Although the horoscope may not mean anything at the time that you read it, by the end of the day, it's likely that something will click. Daily horoscopes can also be used for entertainment. Reading your daily horoscopes is as easy as accessing the Internet or grabbing your local paper from the news stand.

  • Local newspaper
  • Email account

1 Reading Horoscopes Online

2 Carry out a web search on Daily Horoscopes

Carry out a web search on "Daily Horoscopes." Look for a website that updates daily or a site that is highly ranked with a large amount of unique visitors.

3 Find a website

Find a website that will send daily horoscopes to your email inbox. This way, you will not have to constantly go back to the website and instead can just check your email for daily insight.

4 Register with the website if required

Register with the website if required. Enter your correct email address into the specified box. This is important as most websites will send a confirmation email.

5 Submit your registration

Submit your registration and confirm your email address if it is required in order to start receiving your daily horoscopes.

6 Check your email inbox

Check your email inbox daily in order to read your daily horoscopes.

7 Reading Horoscopes in your Newspaper

8 Pick up your daily newspaper

Pick up your daily newspaper from your local news stand or mini-mart.

9 Read the Table of Contents''

Read the "Table of Contents" (usually on the front page on the left or right side) and locate either the "Life" section or "Horoscopes".

10 Open your newspaper

Open your newspaper to that particular page listed in the table of contents.

11 Find your astrological sign

Find your astrological sign and read your daily horoscope in order to gain insight into what your day may be like.

  • Some websites will also send you free astrological profiles on a certain sign.

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