How to Find Middle School Classmates

It's possible to locate middle school classmates you've lost touch with.

Are you ever curious about what happened to the kid who used to sit beside you at lunch in middle school? Do you wonder about the student who played on your soccer team? If you are like a lot of people, you may have lost touch with your middle school classmates. Locating the people you went to school with can be difficult, but with the help of the Internet, it's possible to reunite with old friends.

Pull out your middle school yearbook. Many people can remember first names but not last names or vice versa. If you no longer live in your hometown but can access the local telephone directory, try looking up the names of the classmates you wish to contact in the white pages. You can also search for your middle school classmates' names on the Internet white pages (see Resources).

Set up an account at a reunion website. features profiles of former middle and high school students located all over the country. Create a free account on the website to search through the profiles of people you went to middle school with. Sending private emails to people on requires you to pay for a membership upgrade, however.

Check social networking websites. Sites like Facebook and Myspace are free and creating a new account takes less than 15 minutes. Both sites feature a search option that allows you to customize your search by state or zip code. If you locate your middle school classmates on either site, post a message for the general public to view or send a private message.

Speak to other classmates. If you're looking for specific classmates, chances are someone you already have contact with knows how to reach that individual.

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