How to Embed a Picture in Gmail

Embedding pictures in Gmail messages makes the image immediately visible.
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At first glance, Gmail seems to only offer the option to attach pictures to an outgoing email. However, the option to embed the image appears when you move your mouse cursor over the appropriate location. This Insert Photos option inserts the image directly in the body of the text, so it is immediately visible.

Log in to your Gmail account, compose a new email or reply, and click where you want the image to appear.

Move your mouse cursor over the "+" or paper clip icon to reveal additional options.

Click the "Insert Photos" camera icon.

Click "Browse" and double-click an image from your computer. Alternatively, click "Web Address (URL)" and enter the URL for an online image. Wait until the photo uploads to Gmail. This could take a few seconds or several minutes, depending on the size of the photo and your connection speed.

Click "OK" to embed the image in the email.

Click the image and select "Small," "Medium," "Large" or "Original Size" to change the size of the embed image.

Click "Send" to send the email.

  • If the recipient's email client does not support embedded images, or if he has opted to disable them, the image will not appear. Most email clients or services notify the recipient that disabled, embedded images are present, so the recipient can choose to view them.