How to Send a Letter to My Postmaster

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A postmaster is responsible for the mail, delivery services and the employees at a post office. There are times when customers may need to contact the local postmaster. You may have a question or legitimate complaint about your service, an employee or a piece of mail. You may also need to alert the postmaster about potential illegal solicitations that you have received through the mail. Here's how to get in touch.

1 Address the envelope and letter and to the postmaster

Address the envelope and letter to the postmaster by using the title "Postmaster" with the full name of the person. For example, Postmaster Edythe Smith. Check resources at the end of this article for listings of postmasters in the United States.

2 Write the first line on the envelope

Write the first line on the envelope, "Postmaster at municipality name and/or zip code" if you can not find the identity of the local postmaster.

3 Continue

Continue by filling in the name of the street where the post office building is located.

4 Write in the name of the town

Write in the name of the town, state and zip code to finish the Postmaster's address.

5 Take the stamped envelope stamped

Take the stamped envelope to your local post office and deposit it into the local mail slot or mail it from your own mailbox.

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