Google's Chrome Web browser chiefly focuses on speed and simplicity -- this lightweight program isn't bursting with bells and whistles, but it does offer customizable app-based extensions and basic browsing features, including malware and phishing protection and, of course, the ability to add personalized bookmarks. In fact, you can use multiple methods to bookmark pages on Google Chrome, depending on your preferences.

Step 1

Visit the Web page you'd like to bookmark in the Google Chrome browser. Click the blank, star-shaped icon in the browser's address bar, or press “Ctrl+D.” From the menu that appears, you can edit the name of the bookmark, and choose to add it to your bookmarks bar or your Bookmarks folder. The bookmarks bar permanently displays clickable bookmarks just under the address bar, while the bookmarks in the Bookmarks folder appear via a drop-down menu.

Step 2

Right-click Google Chrome's bookmarks bar to manually add a bookmark -- using this option, you don't need to visit a specific page to bookmark it. Select “Add page” from the menu that appears, then type in a name and URL for the bookmark. Choose whether you'd like the bookmark to appear in your bookmarks bar or your Bookmarks folder, and then click “Save.”

Step 3

Click and hold any link to a page you wish to bookmark, and then drag the link up to Chrome's bookmarks bar and release. You can drag the link to the end of the bar or place it in a specific location between your current bookmarks.