What Low-Heel Shoes to Wear With Straight-Leg Jeans?

Wear straight-leg jeans with comfy flats.
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If you’re a fan of styling versatility, look no further than a forgiving pair of straight-leg jeans. Slim-cut but not skinny, this particular cut of jean is a good choice for virtually every body type. Thanks to its straight cut from the knees down, it helps to even out proportions and can make you look taller. A bonus is that straight-leg jeans go with both dressy heels and casual flats.

1 How Low Can You Go?

Dress up your straight-leg jeans with a pair of low kitten heels, or opt for a more casual look with flat oxfords or ballet shoes. The hem of your jeans should fall to about 1 inch above the floor to reveal just enough of your shoes without being too short. For a sturdier finish, select low-heel ankle boots. Don’t tuck your boots into your jeans, as the width of the fabric will be too thick and bunch around the ankle. Instead, let the hem hang over the top of the ankle boot, or cuff your jeans to show off your favorite shoes. For an urban-boho look, start with medium-wash straight-leg jeans, a peasant blouse and tan suede booties. Complete the ensemble with a stack of bangles and a leather hobo bag.

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