Jennifer Lawrence shows off a nude pout with her red dress at the 2011 Academy Awards in Hollywood.

That killer red dress you have hanging in your closet is crying out for sizzling makeup to match. But if you think painting on a sexy crimson pout is your only option, think again -- a lighter lipstick alternative just might be your prettiest play.

Fresh, Bold and Beautiful

According to celebrity makeup artists, the color red is so eye-catching that matching your lips to your bright red frock could border on overkill. Let your dress take center stage by opting for a nude lip. A neutral beige lipstick with just a drop of peach or pink gives a freshness to your look, offsetting the boldness of your scarlet dress. If your heart is set on matching your smile to your sheath, avoid a color clash by keeping the pigment light with a gloss instead of lipstick. A sheer blue-red shade flatters most skin tones and a dollop of clear or gold-flecked gloss in the middle adds a subtle shimmer.