Can I Wear Red Lipstick During the Day?

A great shade of red  adds femininity.
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Many lipstick-wearers are under the mistaken impression that red is only for nighttime. Actually, the right shade of red -- one that goes well with your skin tone -- can really make your pout pop. The iconic makeup standard can be perfect in the daytime -- if you wear it appropriately.

1 Sample Shades

If you’re ready to dive in to the world of red lipstick, head over to a store where you can try colors on. Sample shades at the department store makeup counter, or head to the local drugstore to try on a few budget-friendly brands. Sample both bright and dark reds, and glossy and matte textures, to see how they look against your skin. Keep in mind that fire-engine and scarlet tones can make teeth look yellow.

2 Casual Cool

Once you’ve found the red for you, pair it with simple and casual pieces for daytime wear to avoid looking overdressed. Opt for a white T-shirt and jeans with neutral eye makeup if you're heading off to class. Wear red lips with a feminine, flirty dress and a cool pair of biker boots for afternoon shopping. A blazer and printed blouse with red lipstick create a retro-inspired look. Stay away from heavy eyeliner, smoky eyes and stilettos, which tend to make a look go very "night."

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