What Does Looking "Clean Cut" Mean?

This style is clean, neat and generally conservative.
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Despite the name, looking clean cut has just as much to do with your overall style as it does your hair. To embody a clean-cut look, you have to focus not just on your hygiene and your grooming, but also on the clothes you wear. Achieving this look is a matter of keeping things simple, tasteful and focused on basic function while avoiding the ostentatious or ornamental.

1 Keep It Classy (and Timeless)

The hallmark of a clean-cut look is your grooming, so keep things clean, neat and trim. This generally translates as a simple, conservatively styled aesthetic -- hair that's neatly combed and in place, a stubble-free face, and a minimum of piercings, if any. Grooming isn't the only thing that matters, though -- your wardrobe is just as important. For a clean-cut style of dress, simplify your outfits, piece by piece. Keep the look minimal -- avoid excess accessories, embellishments and elaborate styling. By keeping your style neat, clean, simple and elegant, you achieve a timelessly fashionable look.

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