Cowgirl costumes are the quintessential Halloween look. Sexy and classic, the cowgirl look never goes out of style. While real-life cowgirls wear little to no makeup, you can make your costume even sexier by using the right kind of makeup. These guidelines should provide you with a fine starting point. After you apply the basics of makeup, your creativity is the only thing limiting you.

Step 1

Apply a thick line of eyeliner to your eyelid, next to your eyelashes. Extend the eyeliner slightly past the corner of your eye, to make your eyes look bigger.

Step 2

Shade over three-quarters of your eyelid with black eyeshadow. Extend the eyeshadow slightly past the outer corner of your eye to create a larger shadow.

Step 3

Blend the black eyeshadow with silver eyeshadow, which should cover the rest of your eyelid. Practice until you obtain a nice smoky effect.

Step 4

Blend the very top of the silver eyeshadow with pink eyeshadow, to complete the smoky-eyed look.

Step 5

Dab highlighter onto your brow bone. The highlighter will make your smoky eyes pop even more and make your eyes look more open.

Step 6

Use a buki brush to distribute bronzer all over your face to create the healthy, sun-kissed glow of a cowgirl.

Step 7

Use a flat brush to apply blush to your cheekbones, to enhance and define your cheeks. You're ready to roll, cowgirl.