How to Pin Back Bangs in a Pompadour

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The pompadour, most popular in the 1950s, brings height and volume to your bangs. While the traditional pompadour was shaped into place with pomade on short hair, the modern version works on short or long tresses and skips the greasy pomade. Wear a pompadour, sometimes called a pouf or quiff, to keep growing-out bangs out of your eyes, or as an alternative to your usual style. Go low key with a small pompadour and ponytail, but embrace drama and high-fashion style with a taller hairstyle for more formal occasions.

  • Hairbrush
  • Rat tail comb
  • Hairspray
  • Bobby pins

1 Brush

Brush through your hair to remove any knots.

2 Bangs with a rat tail comb

Separate your bangs with a rat tail comb. If your bangs have been cut, include all of the shorter strands. For layered or all-one-length locks, gather a U-shaped or V-shaped section of hair. Add hair from the crown of your head for a larger or more dramatic pompadour.

3 Hold the hair up with one hand

Hold the hair up with one hand. Insert the teeth of the rat tail comb into your hair, approximately 2 to 3 inches away from your scalp, and push downward toward your scalp. Continue working in small sections until you have teased your bangs.

4 Gather your teased hair teased in one hand

Gather your teased hair in one hand. Smooth the front, from the hairline up, carefully with your comb. Give the section of hair a half-twist and bring the ends down to meet the scalp on the crown of your head. Pin the pompadour into place, criss-crossing at least two pins to secure the style.

5 Spray your bangs with hairspray

Spray your bangs with hairspray. Finish styling your hair. If you want to leave your locks loose, put them into a ponytail, or opt for a more complex updo.

  • Thick hair or larger pompadours will require more than two or three bobby pins. Choose larger-size pins if needed and plan to use four to six.
  • You'll need longer hair for a taller pompadour. While eye-length bangs will manage a mini-pomp, if you're hoping for height, plan on chin-length bangs.
  • Thicker hair will produce a taller and fuller pompadour.
  • Fine hair may need a boost. Consider using a volume-enhancing curved and arched hair comb for extra volume.

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