What Can I Be for Halloween If My Boyfriend Is a Bear?

Choose a bear-related complementary costume to match your boyfriend.
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Halloween is coming and you and your boyfriend want coordinating costumes. A ton of hip and trendy ideas are running through your mind, but your boyfriend wants to be a bear. Don't toss out your couple-costume plans yet. All it takes is a little imagination and creativity to come up with a clever outfit that would perfectly complement his furry bear costume in a cute way.

1 Honey Pot

Be the honey pot to your boyfriend's bear. Purchase a giant plastic pot and cut holes for your arms on either side. Paint the pot golden yellow and tape a sign to it with the word "Honey" written on it. Wear a matching gold hat. For an even simpler costume, dress as a bottle of honey by wearing golden-yellow sweatpants and sweatshirt with a gold hat. Tape a "Honey" label to your shirt.

2 Honey Bee

You can dress as a honey bee buzzing around the bear. You will find a plethora of bee costumes at any Halloween costume shop, but you don't have to buy one of those pricey costumes. Head to the accessory section of the shop and purchase a bug antenna headband and black wings. Put black electrical tape on a long yellow shirt to create stripes. Wear black leggings or pants underneath. For a dressier honey bee, wear yellow or gold ballet flats or shoes. You could also wear black sneakers and dress them up with gold glitter glue and yellow pom-pom balls.

3 Goldilocks Arrives

Be the Goldilocks to your boyfriend's Baby Bear from the classic childhood story, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears." If you have long blond hair, put your hair in two pigtails, tied with ribbon. Otherwise, purchase a cheap blond wig. You might find a traditional dress in a vintage costume shop. You can always look for a simple dress and a frilly embroidered apron. Wear white bobby socks and Mary Jane-style shoes.

4 Bear's Girlfriend

If your boyfriend is dressing as a bear, you could simply dress as his cute bear girlfriend. If he purchased a bear costume, see if you can find the same outfit but in your size. You can accessorize to distinguish yourself as the girl bear by putting a bow on the costume and wearing sparkly jewelry. If your boyfriend plans on wearing a homemade bear costume, wear black or brown leggings with a matching hooded sweatshirt and gloves or mittens. Wear the sweatshirt with the hood up and a headband with bear ears on top, which you should be able to find at a costume shop. Use face makeup to paint your nose black and wear fuzzy black or brown boots.

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