Ways to Let a Girl Know You're Interested

Talking to a girl is the first step to letting her know your intent.
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You look across your school's cafeteria, your college quad or the jam-packed nightclub and see her: The girl of your dreams. You know she's attractive, smart, funny and has that special something that interests you, but letting her know that you have romantic feelings for her may seem like nothing short of a struggle. That said, letting a girl know that you're interested is a challenge that you cannot only take on, but also master.

1 Reveal Your Feelings

The teen and young adult years are a time when the first true feelings of love emerge, making it tricky to tell if a potential partner shares the interest that you feel in her or doesn't. If you have -- what you perceive as -- true feelings for a girl, revealing your true self can show her your level of interest. The experts at the TeensHealth section of "KidsHealth" by Nemours note that a supportive relationship provides a means for both partners to share their internal selves, dreams, worries and hopes for the future. Opening yourself up to a girl who is just a friend can show her that you want more and are ready to commit yourself to her in more than just a casual way.

2 Personalize It With a Plan

Although it's daunting to go up to your love interest and tell her how you feel, sending an impersonal text or email isn't the way to go. When you decide it's time to tell her, actually tell her -- in person. This doesn't mean that you need a grand gesture, but instead you can simply ask her out. Formulate a game plan ahead of time, and have a definite idea of what you want to say. For example, instead of just asking her to go out sometime, say, "I heard that the new Italian restaurant on Main Street is good. Do you want to get dinner with me there on Saturday night?"

3 Dropping Hints

If you just aren't ready to tell her outright that you like her, let your love interest know through subtle hints. Test the waters before you take the plunge with some flirty talking or texting that doesn't cross the line into outright admission. For example, instead of asking the girl to a movie on Friday night, drop a few hints when you see her about how you think she would enjoy the flick. If she seems interested or says something like, "Yeah, that movie sounds great. I wish I had someone to go with," ask her out.

4 Body Language

You don't always have to "tell" a girl that you are interested with your words. You can let your gestures and body language do the talking for you. When you like someone, closing the physical space or moving toward her can show your heightened level of interest. This doesn't mean that you need to move an inch away from the girl's face, but instead slowly move closer to her and make your intent known. Look her in the eyes when you speak to her, letting her know through your facial gestures that you have an interest in what she has to say. Although body language and gestures can work, without words to let your future partner know your intent, avoid anything that crosses the line such as touching her, hugging her or any other unwarranted physical action.

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