How to Express to Someone How Much You Love Them

Treat your love to a romantic night out.
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You've passed that initial attraction stage and moved into a truly committed relationship. Date after date you've gotten to know your significant other on a deep, meaningful level. Even though you know you are in love, you aren't exactly sure how to put your feelings into words. Expressing your love effectively takes sensitivity, sincerity and self-esteem.

1 She's Not a Psychic

Effective communication means not assuming that your partner must know what you're thinking. Even though you know just how much you love your girlfriend, that doesn't necessarily means she's wise to your feelings. If your subtle signals aren't working their magic, and she still is clueless when it comes to how you really feel, say it out loud. You can opt for something simple and to the point such as "I love you," or you can go for a romantic rendition in which you list all of the reasons why you love her.

2 Everyday Actions

Take advantage of everyday opportunities to express your love. While your guy will appreciate a grand gesture, or two, he'll also get the message from the little things that you do for him. For example, offer to take his dog for a walk when you know that he is super-stressed and has to study for his Spanish final. Take this idea to the next level and express your love by doing a chore for your partner that he truly dislikes doing for himself, suggests psychotherapist Barton Goldsmith in his article "10 Ways to Say 'I Love You' Without the Words" on the Psychology Today website.

3 Go Grand

If you're looking for a way to go above and beyond the everyday "I love you," go big with a grand gesture. While you don't have to sky-write your feelings -- although you can -- a grand gesture expresses your love on a scale that truly shows how deep your feelings are. For example, write an original love song -- or poem, if you're not musical -- and perform it for her at your local coffeehouse's open mic night.

4 Love Notes

Whether you're struggling to say those three little words out loud or you just feel more comfortable writing, a love note can show how much you care. Handwrite a letter that expresses how much you love your partner and why. For example, start off with "I love you because you make me laugh, have a sparkling smile, are always sweet, and light up the room with your shining personality." If the words aren't flowing, find a love poem that captures how you feel and write it out in your note.

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