How to Write a Girl Scouts Newsletter

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You will enhance the communicative ability of your child's girl scout group by producing an accurate, informative and fun newsletter. The scout leader or, more likely, a parent can take on the role as publisher as a service to the troop. You will need a little bit of guidance on how to compose the newsletter and only a few items to get started on your journalistic effort. Have fun with it and remember these newsletters can serve as written documentation of your troop's endeavors and accomplishments.

1 Find a template you like

Find a template you like. Chances are, there is a word processing application already installed in your computer which has newsletter formatting. You can also check online for free templates should you need additional help in locating one that's appropriate.

2 Gather information from the scout leader

Gather information from the scout leader, parent volunteers and the girl scouts themselves for the newsletter. Keep good track of your notes and write down who tells you what, so you can track back if necessary with questions.

3 Include information

Include information in each issue regarding the purpose of girl scouting. Praise the empowerment of girls that is gained through the program. Decorate the newsletter with the troop's emblem.

4 Publish the troop number

Publish the troop number, motto, where the group meets and when along with contact information for yourself as the publisher in each edition. Some troops use their newsletters to attract other girls to become scouts, so this information can be essential.

5 Include information concerning upcoming meetings and events in each newsletter

Include information concerning upcoming meetings and events in each newsletter you produce. This will be invaluable to parents who have multiple children's activities to keep up with.

6 Take pictures

Take pictures to accompany the information you place in the newsletter. Bring your camera to all meetings and events so you can get some candid, as well as posed shots.

7 Highlight a particular scout in a section each issue

Highlight a particular scout in a section each issue. Choose someone who has recently contributed in a great way or stood out in some particular endeavor. Interview this scout for a good quote and be sure to include her picture.

List birthdays of scouts and recent merit badge earners in each issue. The girls and their milestones will occupy much space in their scouts' newsletter.

Recommend possible scouting activities for the girls to consider in the future in a special section of the newsletter. Collect exciting ideas they can discuss in meetings.

Proofread your issue well before making copies. Count the number of girls and the leader and then print a few extra copies to have as needed.

Lisa Mooney has been a professional writer for more than 18 years. She has worked with various clients including many Fortune 500 companies such as Pinkerton Inc. She has written for many publications including Woman's World, Boy's Life and Dark Horizons. Mooney holds bachelor's degrees in both English and biology from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.