How to Send Flowers to a Hospital

Male patient receiving flowers.
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A gift of flowers adds a little cheer to a hospital room and brightens up a hospitalized loved one's day. Flowers offer a way to show you care, even if you are unable to visit. A flower delivery service allows you to send a bouquet directly to a specific hospital room in many cases, but not always. Be sure the intended recipient is not allergic to flowers before sending her a bouquet.

1 Basics Before Ordering

Arranging a floral delivery requires knowing the exact spelling of the hospital patient's name, her room number, and the name and address of the hospital. Some hospitals do not allow flower deliveries to certain regions of the campus, such as the intensive-care unit, since patients with serious conditions in that area may be sensitive to flowers or pollen. Call the hospital's information desk to determine the flower policy.

2 Placing an Order

Order the flowers online through any national flower-delivery service company, or contact a florist in the same town as the hospital, as a local company will be familiar with hospital policies in that region. You may be able to place the order through a flower shop in your own area even if the hospital is in another state. Many flower shops are part of a network that arranges local deliveries just about anywhere, much as online flower-ordering works.

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