Unstamped dog tags are available both online and in military surplus stores.

Army identification tags, or dog tags, are worn around soldiers' necks as an alternate form of identification. Soldiers are required to wear them in accordance with Army Regulation 670-1. The information on genuine dog tags includes the soldier's name, Social Security number, blood type and religious preference. Real dog tags contain only that information in that precise order. Allergy tags and other informational tags can be added separately to a dog tag chain. Most military surplus stores carry dog tags and offer a stamping service to customize your dog tags.

In Person

Visit a military surplus store.

Ask a clerk if the retailer sells dog tags.

Provide the clerk with your identifying information if the store carries customizable dog tags.

Pay for the dog tags.


Visit a military surplus store online.

Select the dog tags you wish to purchase and add them to your online shopping cart.

Enter the information you want included on your dog tags by using the computer's keyboard. Check it for accuracy before you submit the form.

Select "Check Out" or a comparable option on the military surplus store's website.

Enter your shipping address when prompted. Check your address for accuracy before entering the form.

Enter your credit or debit card number when prompted. Enter your card's expiration date and security code if asked. Finalize your purchase.