How to Send a Letter Through FedEx

FedEx ships packages and envelopes all over the world.

Mailing a letter through Federal Express is done in a number of ways. You can visit a FedEx office in person, drop off your package at a FedEx location or schedule a pick-up with FedEx. FedEx picks up shipments anywhere, whether it is your home address or your work address. When you schedule a pick-up or drop off your package at a FedEx drop box location you can pay for your shipping online, otherwise you can pay in person at the FedEx office.

1 Ship at a FedEx Location

2 Locate the nearest FedEx office

Locate the nearest FedEx office to your home or business by using the FedEx locator service online; enter your address or zip code to find locations near you.

3 Go to your local FedEx office

Go to your local FedEx office with your letter. Place your letter in a FedEx envelope; envelopes are displayed in the office locations for you to take at no cost.

4 Take your envelope

Take your envelope to the counter and select the method of shipping you want to purchase. Each method of shipping determines how long it will take your package to arrive at its destination and all methods have different fees. Pay for your shipment and leave it with the FedEx clerk.

5 Schedule a Pick-Up or Drop-Off

6 Obtain FedEx shipping envelopes

Obtain FedEx shipping envelopes from your local FedEx store to keep on hand at your home or office if you want to take advantage of the convenience of FedEx’ pick-up service.

7 Place your letter

Place your letter in your FedEx package and address the envelope accordingly. Visit the FedEx website and schedule a pick-up using the online pick-up application. If you don’t already have an account with FedEx you need to create one by inputting your email address, creating a password and entering your name and address.

8 Pay for your package online

Pay for your package online with your credit card. The price depends on the method of shipping you choose. Leave your package outside your door or answer the door when a FedEx driver shows up to collect your package. Instead of scheduling a pick-up you can drop off your package at any FedEx drop off location, which you can find using the FedEx locator site.

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