How to Post a Sympathy Thank You in the Newspaper

You can easily post a sympathy thank you in your newspaper.
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Sympathy thank-you newspaper messages, like their card and letter counterparts, help people who have experienced recent loss or tragedy express the gratitude and appreciation felt for the actions and sympathy provided by others. These messages differ from their counterparts in that they not only address the intended receiver(s) of the thanks, but announce the good deeds of others to the general public. Expressions of thanks via a post in the newspaper also helps to address large groups, such as organizations, service-related institutions or an entire community. You can easily post a sympathy thank you in your newspaper with the help of your newspaper's advertising department or editor.

Write your sympathy thank-you message before calling a newspaper.
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Write your sympathy thank-you message before calling a newspaper for announcement or advertising space pricing. Newspapers quote pricing based on space (approximate words within a number of inches, columns or page) and many people find it easier to write a message and edit/reduce to fit to a space then to try and write to a specific number of words, inches or columns.

You can call the newspaper directly to speak with a sales agent.
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Determine the costs (text and/or photo) associated with posting a sympathy thank-you message in the primary newspaper you've selected by visiting that newspaper's website and using any advertisement rate tools or an estimate request form; or you can call the newspaper directly to speak with a sales agent.

Ask about free space in your local paper.
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Ask about any free space offered by the newspaper--especially if you live or work in a small community. Some newspapers offer free space for short announcements, sympathy thank-you messages or messages addressed to the community or to service-related institutions like ambulance/fire departments and hospitals, such as:

To Our Wonderful Community, Thank you. (YOUR NAME OR FAMILY NAME)

Do your research.
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Call other local newspapers and request the same information. Although your message may be intended for a person or group who only reads your primary newspaper, collecting prices from other newspapers can help you to quickly compare prices and negotiate with the primary publication. Additional price information can also help you decide whether your message, if meant for a community or service-related institution, can still reach that group through a different newspaper.

Email or fax your text or photo.
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Decide on a newspaper and follow any instructions provided by your contact regarding emailing or faxing your text and/or photo, speaking with a writer and/or proofing the final copy.

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