How to Rent Tables and Chairs

Rows of chairs and tables set up at an event.
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Whether inviting 20 or 200 people to an event, extra chairs and tables are a must. Party rental centers carry an assortment of seats and tables from which to choose. First, determine the potential number of guests, and then the type of tables best suited for the occasion and the space available for your event.

1 Arranging Table and Chair Rental

Determine the potential number of guests by counting the responses to your invitation, as well as the total number of invitees -- the actual number of attendees is somewhere between the two numbers. Call a local party rental center to explain the type of event and type of tables you seek. Options include large round tables that seat eight or more guests or long banquet-style tables that can be pushed together. Tell the center representative how many guests you expect, as well as the size of the room or space available for seating. Ask for prices for several different types of tables and chairs to ensure the rental fits your budget and your vision of style for the event. If you intend to serve food or drinks from a separate area, rent tables for those areas as well. Ask the center representative how many people can be seated at each type of table to make sure you rent enough chairs for everyone, including extras for last-minute guests. Rent tablecloths that fit the tables from the same rental center, if you require them. Find out about delivery costs up front, as well as any potential surcharges, to avoid financial surprises.

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