How to Word a Lunch Party Invitation

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Whatever the occasion--perhaps a festive tea party or a casual luncheon for your closest friends or a backyard barbecue--send out distinctive invitations to invite your guests to a lunch party. Select invitations that coordinate with your luncheon theme and then decide how to word your lunch party invitations. Because luncheon gatherings tend to be more casual than formal, keep the invitation simple, giving your guests the information they need to attend your party.

1 Place a heading to announce the lunch party at the top of the invitation

Place a heading to announce the lunch party at the top of the invitation. Set the theme and show guests the reason for the gathering right away. For example, if you are hosting a patio luncheon, your heading might say, “Gather with us amongst the spring blossoms for a light luncheon.” If you are hosting a family reunion and serving a lunch meal, your heading might say, “Please join us for a family reunion luncheon.”

2 Skip one or two lines

Skip one or two lines.

3 Add the date

Add the date and the time of the lunch on the next line. If your luncheon has a definite ending time, include this time also.

4 Place the location

Place the location where you will hold the lunch on the next line.

5 Give other pertinent party information

Give other pertinent party information to your guests on the next lines. If you want specific attire, specify by writing, “Summer casual attire” or “Formal afternoon attire.” If you want to avoid gifts, write, “No gifts, please.” If you expect your guests to bring a dish to pass or beverages, write, “Please bring a salad to pass” or “Please bring your own beverages.”

6 Request an RSVP

Request an RSVP from your guests by adding, “RSVP requested,” and then provide your telephone number or email address to receive the RSVPs.

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