How to Recycle Jeans for Insulation. Maybe it's those skinny jeans that will never fit again no matter how much dieting and exercise you do, or those fat jeans that you can't stand to look at after all of your hard work. It could be kid's old jeans or just ones that have worn out, gone out of style or thay you simply never wear. Don't toss them. You can use those old jeans as insulation.

Note how your jeans can be a fashion statement and a valuable natural resource at the same time. Jeans are made from cotton which is natural, renewable and recyclable. It's also an excellent material for insulation.

Collect old jeans from closets or ask family and friends if they would like to participate and donate their old jeans. Anything made from pure cotton is perfect for recycling into insulation.

Check with local universities about upcoming denim drive events, often called "Cotton's Dirty Laundry Tour." Although the denim drives may not be sponsored by Cotton, Inc., local universities are often great places to find old jeans and hold denim drives.

Visit Cotton, Inc's "From Blue to Green" website for information on upcoming denim drives at universities across the nation. They also give updates on how the donated jeans are recycled into insulation for families and list areas in which the insulation is utilized.

Call or email Habitat for Humanity to donate jeans if you don't see a local denim drive near you. They are using the green insulation to build homes and can direct you to the places that will accept your donated jeans.