How to Rock Converse

Gals and guys can express their personal style customizing their Converse sneakers.
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Converse sneakers are instantly identifiable. Whether high-tops or low-tops, gals -- and guys -- can mix up their Chucks with practically any everyday ensemble. Whether you borrow looks from your favorite Hollywood celebs or customize your own, rock your Converse style combos with confidence.

1 Gals and Their Classics

Girls can't go wrong wearing classic black or white Chucks. Dare to bare your legs in a black and white geometric-print dress, wide black belt and black low-tops for a downtown chic vibe. Or, don a floral-printed frock with white high-tops for a dainty look. Pair your classic chucks with a striped knit top and mini skirt for a chic casual ensemble or swap the skirt with skinny jeans for a laid-back Tomboy look.

2 Gals and Their Colors

Create a color splash by wearing neon yellow low-tops with white ultra-skinnies and a blue, white, and neon yellow colorblock T-shirt. Or, opt for celebrity street style in turquoise, fuchsia, or purple high-tops, a sequined blouson, and roll-cuff boyfriend jeans. For an alt-indie inspired look, switch out your jeans for daring cut-offs and star-patterned leggings. If you don't fancy solid Chucks with your ensemble, go for all-over dot, graffiti, and floral print pairs with eye-popping laces.

3 Guys and Their Classics

Guys can dress to impress by wearing designer-edition Chucks with leather finishes, often in brown or black. Pair these classics with a fitted blazer in black or brown, a neutral T-shirt, and slim-fit jeans or relaxed stone-washed khakis. For a casual weekend outfit, opt for a wool-blend varsity jacket, a white thermal henley, and stone-washed jeans.

4 Pattern to the People

Just like the gals, guys can go for patterned Chucks. Create a skateboard vibe with checkerboard-patterned Converse slip-ons, a waist-length white T-shirt, fitted hoodie, and skinny black jeans. Or, be a weekend-warrior in a plaid pair of chucks, a light gray V-neck T-shirt, charcoal gray jeans, and a black leather bomber.

5 Custom Kicks

Both guys and gals can share their love of this footwear icon and express their personal style by customizing their Chucks at, which offers both design-your-own and graphic edition options. Whether you choose to mix patterns and solid colors or create an all-over printed sneaker, you can exercise your fashion free will with an individualized pair.

Mercedes Valladares is the founder of M721Organics and has been an independent designer for over 15 years. Her work experience commenced during college with manufacturers based in New York and Hong Kong. Her education includes LIM College, International Fine Arts College and design certification from the Paris Fashion Institute. She produces eco-crafting videos and writes recycling articles online.