How to Organize a Women's Church Conference

Interior of a Cathedral.

A women’s church conference inspires and encourages women to continue in their faith and to experience personal growth. Church conferences are great opportunities for women to fellowship with other women. Women speakers share personal stories of faith and share insight into areas that matter most to women. Organizing a women’s conference takes some time and preparation. The sooner you can start planning, the easier the task.

Smiling mature women.

Meet with the conference board or committee and decide on an overall theme for your conference. Base your theme on a scripture or inspirational saying.

Picking a date on a calendar.

Choose a date or dates that you want to hold your conference. Double check the availability of church facilities for the date you have selected. Also, verify that the day you have chosen is not too close or on an important national or regional holiday.

Female speaker.

Begin actively seeking a keynote speaker that has some experience speaking to women or has experience with the theme of the conference. Besides a phone call, send her a formal letter requesting her presence. After you reach an agreement, finalize arrangements regarding airfare and hotel lodgings. Well known speakers like Lisa Welchel and singer Sheila Walsh are regularly engaged for these events.

Worship music.

Search for a musical guest or team to lead the worship for the conference. Share with the potential guest musicians the goals and the theme of the conference. Book the guest and finalize the agreement by making and confirming all the appropriate accommodations.

Young woman reading Bible.

Look among your leadership and choose women to teach breakout classes on women’s subjects. Give them guidelines on what you would like to teach or ask them to submit to you an outline of their teaching curriculum. Offer breakout classes on subjects that are important to women like "Faith in the Workplace" and "Keeping Your Life Balanced."

Advertising on the radio.

Advertise the event on local Christian radio and television stations. Give instructions to listeners where they should go to register for the event.

A treasurer can keep track of money.

Order or have the church print registration forms for guests to fill out and return to the church. If you plan to charge for your conference, you will need to hire a treasurer to handle the funds and keep a record of who has paid.

A professional caterer with a tray of food.

Hire a caterer to provide breakfast or lunch to the conference attendees. Choose between hot lunches or boxed lunches according to the kitchen facilities you have. A few weeks before the event, you will need to give the caterers the number of women you expect.

Invitation and envelope.

Design, order and print the programs for the event. The program design should give information about class times, locations and teachers. Print the order of service on the programs.

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