Performing marriage ceremonies is a labor of love.

All it takes to get ordained to marry people is a desire to unite loving couples in matrimony and a computer. In a matter of minutes, you can receive an ordination certificate to legally perform marriages. You can use your credentials only once to perform a marriage ceremony for a family member or friend, or start your own wedding service. Some marriage specialists have their own wedding chapels; some rent space or travel to churches, private homes and banquet halls, and others focus on settings like beaches, parks or locales of particular significance to the bride and groom.

Download an application form.

Provide the information requested on the application form.

Submit the application along with any fees that may be required.

Learn the regulations pertaining to marriage licenses and recording marriages in your state.

Comply with marriage licensing and registration requirements in your state.


  • Each state has its own regulations for recording and registering marriages. It is your responsibility to learn these laws, as well as laws that apply to the bride and groom regarding marriage licenses, license fees and waiting periods.