How to Plan a Prayer Breakfast for Christian Baptist Women

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Piping hot eggs, bacon and sausage, fellowship with other women, an inspiring guest speaker and moving group prayers are just a few of the things you'll find at a Baptist women's prayer breakfast. When you are in charge of planning the breakfast, you'll naturally want to see that it goes off without a hitch. Choosing an appropriate speaker, locating a venue, arranging the decorations, planning the menu and attracting interest in the event are some of the many responsibilities you tackle when you volunteer to head the prayer breakfast committee.

1 Select a theme for the prayer breakfast meeting

Select a theme for the prayer breakfast meeting. Center your theme around your prayer intentions, such as an end to abortion, feeding the hungry, help for disaster victims or peace and unity in the religious community. Consider topics such as the place of women in the Baptist church or how women can contribute to a Baptist ministry in a supporting role, or choose a specific woman from the Bible to identify with and reflect on.

2 Choose a location for your prayer breakfast

Choose a location for your prayer breakfast. Many Baptist churches have a multipurpose room or church hall with an adjoining kitchen. If space allows, hold the breakfast in your church's facilities. For larger gatherings, look for a restaurant with a separate, enclosed dining room or a local conference center. Hotel meeting rooms are another option that will work well for a prayer breakfast.

3 Secure a guest speaker for your prayer breakfast

Secure a guest speaker for your prayer breakfast. Consider women like your pastor's wife who has several years of ministry under her belt, a motivational speaker whose beliefs coincide with those of the Baptist church or an author of inspirational books that are popular in Baptist circles. Book your speaker as far in advance as possible.

4 Plan your prayer breakfast menu

Plan your prayer breakfast menu. Choose whether to have a catered affair or an old-fashioned potluck. Baptist women are often known for the cooking skills that they have developed over the years of preparing covered dishes for church functions, needy families and the bereaved. You'll likely receive a wide variety of tasty breakfast dishes when you choose a potluck meal.

5 Create a program for the breakfast

Create a program for the breakfast. Use your computer to create a simple outline of the events that will take place at the breakfast, so attendees can follow along easily. Include information about your guest speaker, thank those who participated in planning the breakfast, and include details regarding the focus of the breakfast.

6 Publicize your breakfast

Publicize your breakfast. Spread the word about your breakfast. Announce the prayer breakfast several weeks ahead of time. Place the information in the weekly church bulletin and monthly newsletter, post a flier on the church bulletin board, and contact the leader of each of the Baptist women's groups in your area to spread the word.

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