How to Leak a Story to the Press. Leaking a hot story to the press is easier these days with all the media and technology that we have. It isn't just about popping a note under the door of a newsroom anymore, you must be more discreet and careful. Cameras are everywhere nowadays. So if you need to get a story out to the media, then follow these steps on how to leak a story to the press.

Leak a story to the press via email. Nowadays you can create a random email account with Yahoo!, Hotmail or Gmail and assume an alias. Be sure to send the story through the email, but from another computer such as a public one at the library. Send it off a public computer, so it cannot be traced back to you.

Send an anonymous letter with your story leak to the press in the mail. Print the letter in a different way from your own, or type it so it definitely cannot be traced to you. Send it off to the head of the media center, and do not tell anyone you did this.

Make an anonymous phone call from a phone booth or another public phone that cannot be traced. Drop hints or tell the whole story, but remain anonymous.

Tell someone that you know cannot hold a secret. They will tell everybody about the story, and you never have to make the effort to spread the word to the media.

Send a fax with details of your story and hints to how the media can find out more. Fax from a public fax and keep it anonymous. It is good to type this fax and address it to the head of the media department.