How to Sync Contacts Between Two PCs With Outlook & My iPhone

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Apple designed the iPhone to synchronize with only one computer at a time. If you attempt to copy data from one PC and transfer it to another computer using your iPhone, iTunes may end up deleting media or other important content from your smartphone. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't sync your contacts with all of your devices. After copying your information from Microsoft Outlook to your iPhone, you can transfer that same data to your iCloud account, and then sync your other PC with iCloud.

1 Connect your iPhone

Connect your iPhone to your primary computer and then open iTunes if the program fails to launch automatically.

2 Click the device button

Click the device button in the top right or select your smartphone from under Devices in the left pane.

3 Click the Info'' tab

Click the "Info" tab, check "Sync Contacts with" and then choose "Outlook" from the corresponding drop-down menu.

4 Click Apply or Sync

Click "Apply" or "Sync" to copy the contacts from your computer to your iPhone.

5 Disconnect your iPhone from your computer

Disconnect your iPhone from your computer when iTunes displays the message "IPhone Sync Is Complete."

6 Open the Settings app

Open the Settings app from the Home screen on your iPhone and then tap "iCloud."

7 Toggle the Contacts option to

Toggle the "Contacts" option to "On" to synchronize your new contacts with your iCloud account.

8 Sign on to your other computer

Sign on to your other computer. Download and install iCloud Control Panel for Windows from Apple Support (link in Resources).

9 Open iCloud Control Panel when installation completes

Open iCloud Control Panel when installation completes, and then log in to your iCloud account from the sign-in screen.

10 Check Mail

Check "Mail, Contacts, Calendars & Tasks" and then click the "Apply" button to synchronize your contacts with Microsoft Outlook.

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