How to Activate Wi-Fi on a Kindle

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Connect your Kindle to your Wi-Fi network to download content from Amazon and sync your device with your Amazon account. Wi-Fi is enabled on the Kindle by default. However, you must connect to an available network to use the feature. You can make sure that Wi-Fi is enabled by checking for the “Wi-Fi” icon in the Status bar. If you do not see the icon, make sure the device is not in Airplane Mode.

1 Power on the Kindle

Power on the Kindle, and then press the “Home” key to open the home screen.

2 Press the Menu ” button

Press the “Menu” button, and then tap “Settings” to open the Settings menu.

3 Tap Wi-Fi Networks

Tap “Wi-Fi Networks” to open a list of available wireless networks.

4 Tap a network to connect

Tap a network to connect. If security is configured on the network, a password dialog box opens.

5 Type the network password

Type the network password, and then tap “Connect” to connect.

  • Information provided in this article applies to the stock Amazon Kindle. Instructions may vary slightly or significantly for other models of the device.
  • If your wireless network’s SSID is hidden, tap the “Enter Other Wi-Fi Network” option, and then type the hidden SSID in the Network Name field. Type the password for the network, and then tap “Submit.” The Kindle connects to the hidden wireless network.
  • To disable Wi-Fi, enable Airplane Mode in the Settings menu.

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