How to Donate Your Prom Dress in Massachusetts

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Prom is not inexpensive; tickets, gowns, shoes, hair and makeup set teens back a significant amount of money. Unfortunately, for some girls prom is just a dream because the expense is simply too much. You can help make the dreams of a Massachusetts teenage girl come to life by giving your old prom dress to a charity that collects donated dresses and passes them along to girls who cannot afford new dresses of their own.

1 Locate a Massachusetts charity

Locate a Massachusetts charity that accepts prom dress donations. Many of these charities also accept accessories such as handbags, jewelry and shoes. You can even donate mall gift cards and salon gift cards so girls can purchase accessories and get their hair done for the big night.

2 Clean

Clean out your closet and pull put your old prom dress. Inspect it to ensure it is free of tears, stains and rips. If needed, take it to your local dry cleaner to have it cleaned and pressed.

3 Wish to donate

Drop off your dress and any accessories you wish to donate. Obtain a tax receipt from the charity to use for tax purposes. Charitable donations are tax deductible if donated to a 501(C)3 nonprofit organization. Your charity will provide that information to you if you ask.

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