The 1950s saw hundreds of different clothing trends, many of which are just right for a theme day at your school. Celebrities like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, James Dean and Elvis Presley were icons during the era and costumes built around their styles are always a winner. Pick 1950s' costumes and clothing ideas based on the style you like from that era.

The Sophisticated Look

The sophisticated look comes from the high-class women and models during the era. Christian Dior styles were popular with those who had a lot of money to spend on fashion. Choose a full skirt that reaches just below the knee or stops at mid-calf. Paid the skirt with a classically cut blazer or jacket and a thin sweater or tee shirt. Pick stiletto heels or ballet flats and finish the 1950s' look with a vintage hat and long gloves.

Celebrity Styles for Guys

Guys have the option of dressing as a favorite celebrity from the era or picking a look that reflects the styles of celebrities during the time period. A simple look that mimics James Dean's style pairs faded jeans with a plain white tee shirt with the sleeves slightly rolled up. Add a plain red windbreaker and sunglasses for a polished look. Recreate the Buddy Holly style with black dress pants, a long jacket and horned rimmed glasses with clear lenses.

The Preppy Style

The preppy style works equally well for guys as it does for girls. Wear an old poodle skirt in a bright shade like pink, aqua or red. Pair the skirt with a tucked-in shirt in a matching color. Add a scarf tied around your neck and a pair of saddle shoes. Finish off your look by tying your hair up in a high ponytail. For a preppy guy-friendly look, opt for an old varsity style sweater worn over a plain white tee shirt and black pants.

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Grease-Inspired Looks

The hit movie and musical "Grease" takes place during the 1950s, and the looks worn by the characters are perfect for a theme day event. For a guy's look, pair black pants with a plain white tee shirt, a black leather jacket and a pompadour style hairdo. A girl's version of the look mixes tight-cropped black pants with a tight black tee shirt and black heels. A pink satin jacket complements the look and mimics the jackets worn by the girls in the story.